Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


II Timothy 2:15







2016 March Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)


2014 October Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz, Dave Stout)


2014 February Audio (MP3) & Video (MP4) (Alex Kurz)


2013 February Audio (MP3) (Matt Walker)


2012 November Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)


2011 October Audio (MP3) (David Reid)


2011 August Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)


2011 April Audio (MP3) (Bob Mitchell, Ron Knight)


2011 March Audio (MP3) (Matt Walker)


2010 January Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)


2009 November Audio (MP3) (Bill Hatters)


2009 October Audio (MP3) (David Reid)


2009 January Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)


2008 February Audio (MP3) (Tom Bruscha)


2007 October Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)


2007 August Audio (MP3) (Ron Sorg)


2007 March Audio (MP3) (Glen Caneel)


2007 February Audio (MP3) (Ron Sorg)


2007 January Audio (MP3) (Rick Jordan, Jr.)


2006 August Audio (MP3) (Ron Sorg)


2005 October Audio (MP3) (Alex Kurz)










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